Woman gets stuck in her ex-boyfriend’s chimney

Woman refused to take no for a answer when she and her boyfriend broke up. She tried to break into his home by climbing down…

Woman gets dumped, sneaks in through ex's chimney

Woman gets dumped, sneaks in through ex’s chimney

Online dating took a scary turn — or rather, dive, down a chimney. Search and rescue crews had to remove a 30-year-old woman who was stuck in a chimney in Thousand Oaks after allegedly attempting to enter the home of a man she met online named Lawrence.

Probably a Toastmasters meeting

Board room meeting sketch on bathing a cat? I got this.
how to bathe a cat
This could be some factory managers coming together to talk about how to create a formal procedure for a process back in the factory. If they used an actual process from a factory, people wouldn’t be as familiar with the jargon and such. Instead, they use a simple process with terms that everyone knows as a basis for showing their factory’s procedure’s layouts, color scheme, ordering, subdivision of steps, etc. The lecturer has a cat and has decided that it would add some fun and maybe more interesting to the attendees if he used pictures of his own cat.

Good Guy VHS Tape

Only thing that vhs has it beat on is the ability to remember where you left off, I suppose you could rename the movie to the time you stopped if you wanted but who seriously only watches a part of a movie and does not continue for 15 years only to start where they left off?

Don't forget that you can always use them to record something else after watching

Don’t forget that you can always use them to record something else after watching