The girlfriend who dumped Mark Zuckerberg in college

The movie girlfriend was fictional, there is no one named Erica Albright that dumped Mark Zuckerberg. Yet when he was creating Facesmash, which in the movie is relatively well portrayed, in his livejournal account it said ” ******* is a bitch”. That is why he named the website Facesmash because he wanted to smash a face.


Difference between Wikileaks & Facebook

This girl can lick her elbow – but that’s not all

I thought I could lick my elbow. I can’t.


Pay attention and wait for it.

lick elbow

Wave would allow you to fully charge your iPhone simply by putting it in the microwave

apple wave
For best results, place in bowl of water before microwaving. The H2O molecules will increase the frequency of the wave, charging it faster. If you set the heater to it’s maximum capacity, the phone will charge in less than 30 seconds. It charges even faster if you throw your phone into an active volcano.