Home Alone Was False Movie

If you look at Home Alone 1 & 2 from Harry and Marv’s point of view, you have a story about 2 non-violent criminals ,the houses they robbed were all empty, and they waited until the toy store was closed before robbing it. Who are brutally tortured by a sadistic 10 year old.

Makes me wonder if the wet bandits actually die very early on in the movie and the entire rest of the movie is just their personal hell.

home alone

Genders are not equal that’s a fact

Genders aren’t “the same” but should have equal access to economic and social freedom. What people consistently fail to realise is the entire point is about equal rights for all genders. It has nothing to do with any other physical or mental traits just the fact that the same rules / benefits / rewards / punishments should apply to everyone equally.

It’s important to add to this that while it is vital all the rules and regulations are equal and fair, it is just as important societal and cultural assumptions are tackled. We mostly have equality on paper, but we still live in a world where women are assumed to have no technical skills and men are a potential pedophile threat.

The simpsons

The simpsons

The Simpsons were and still are from time to time, amazing

Everyone has somebody to love in the DC universe

They ALL love them because they have power. Of course love in Manga & Anime isn`t any saner.